Swgoh tank raid solo auto

It looks like you're new here. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! Home Discussions Best Of New player? Check out the new player index. Prev 1 2 Next Go. December 15, AM. Thanks for the video.

Nerf inc in Oh wait, this isnt hstr, this can be broken. Same tank has gotten really boring! December 15, PM. I'm not sure they can claim an infinite loop. Everyone is gaining TM. There is no way to stop that, so it seems like it may be a legit way to auto. I dont recall this being the case with other loops, usually the loop locks in once set up and only one toon takes a turn to keep it locked in.

I dont recall all the details previously. I don't belI've it's an infinite loop as grievous gets full tm and has a chance to take turns. December 15, PM edited December P2-P4 is an infinite loop where you can literally walk away from your phone. I'd say this qualifies as broken when you can do all of P2, P3, and P4 with not even the main enemy or the main cannon in P3 taking a turn.

As i said in the other post: What about the same strategy against a toopled traya??? This always puzzles me: "I'm worried they might nerf this if they find out, better put it on the internet and tell everyone about it! You rock! This is an old raid, already auto-able by multiple teams, this will just make it easier. It's coarse and rough and irritating and it gets everywhere. December 16, AM.

Well then, looks like it is safe to share this. Couple disclaimer: 1. Auto button is on all the time but I had to do manual targeting towards the end of P2 and P4 because the AI sucks. Very fun. Bulldog thanks for the great vid.

Glad tophat is keeping this. Been a long time coming. December 16, PM edited December December 16, PM. December 17, AM.It looks like you're new here. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! Home Discussions Best Of New player? Check out the new player index. December 15, PM. Pretty much what title says, look at this HAAT is old news bub, you can solo it with jawas at this point. And if mythic raids are true - would probably let this slide.

Shout out to Bulldog who has such a great mind for this. Nobody cares about the difficulty of HAAT anymore. No autoplay in p1, but I want to see the team that autoplays p2.

This is a loop and the devs clearly stated that they do not want this kind of gameplay when the lugo team was discovered. I would like to keep this mechanic as the haat is a waste of time, but I think they will fix it.

swgoh tank raid solo auto

Where is my popcorn. What about the same strategy against a toopled traya??? From TopHat on Reddit: "Cool video and cool strategy. Wanted to chime in real quick and say that we have no intention of changing this interaction or strategy only for the AAT. While this behavior is an example of play outside the "spirit of the game", the AAT has been soloable for awhile at this point. If there are any infinite loops that show up in the Sith raid or other areas of the game, then we'll address them on a case by case basis.

That's nice. December 16, AM. Just used zfinn BB8 3po raid han and cls. Took about 20 mins total. Full auto after p1 which was like 4 mins as bulldog said.

Loving this. Dude, the pit raid is solo-able on auto using literally 2 characters, what's the big deal? December 16, PM. December 18, PM. What about changing 3p0s abilities instead of nerfing Finn? Maybe expose on rebels specials instead of basic, which would negate the infinite. Loop from 3p0s Mass assist, but still be useful for cross faction synergy. The CGDF is recruiting.

Say hi in our Discord! I don't want to see C3 changed but there's plenty of Traya counters now, that's not a valid reason IMO. December 18, PM edited December İ dont like c3po and zeta fin lead for haat.It looks like you're new here. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! Home Discussions Best Of New player? Check out the new player index. November 2, PM. There are various solo setups for haat P1 solo. Clear the side droids, switch to basic auto and 5min later you're done.

November 2, PM edited November Moved to correct sub forum. November 4, AM. How do you handle the TM gain, every 7 turns or so? I tried something similar, and GG got full TM after a bit, spawning brand new sides but I tried with Dathcha lead, so it might play a bit different Also, Han needs some potency I guess. Mine was resisted a lot. November 5, AM. Is GG immune to Daze?

If not, would Daze prevent his TM gain on the 7th hit or no? November 6, AM. I haven't been able to land a Daze on GG with anyone, regardless of potency, so even though I'm not seeing where it states it, surely he must be immune?

Add TFP non geared or someone else for tenacity down? Btw how many turns before enraged are you getting with those speeds? November 6, PM. November 9, PM. Ackbar L will make the auto more reliable, but you'll need to retreat him. Reply to this topic.


Sign In or Register to comment. Howdy, Stranger! Log In Create Account.While throwing Gear 11 characters at the different phases of the Heroic Rancor could eventually finish off the rancor, there are some characters that work extremely well against the Rancor and should be utilized above all others.

The goal with soloing the Heroic Raid is to complete the full raid with just a single team of characters. Vader also applies Damage Over Time debuffs DoTs through his Force Crush Special ability that continually stack up and re-apply even after they expire.

His Special Ewok Scramble Tactics allows him to stay under Stealth for three turns and his Leader ability Guerrilla Warfare almost ensures that he is continually under Stealth. Ewok Elder both gives and receives additional turn meter with Teebo. Elder can also heal and cleanse Debuffs and revive toons should things start to go awry during the raid.

QGJ also as the ability to Dispel on his Special ability Humbling Blowmaking him excellent to use, especially in Phase 1 where a taunting side guard could allow the captain to take several turns. When joined with a Stealthed Teebo or another high damage dealer, turn meter can either be removed or just significant damage can be applied. Wedge and Biggs both need to have Critical Damage mods as well as high speed secondaries, preferrably above Speed.

Jyn needs high Potency and high speed secondaries to be of greatest use. While Ability Block and Buff Immunity do little specifically against the Rancor, they are invaluable for Phase 1 in keeping the side guards from taunting or gaining buffs from the captain. Tenacity Down is the key Debuff used across the full raid.

TFP needs 4 Crit Dam mods with high speed secondaries, a Speed primary arrow, 2 Potency mods, and a Potency primary cross for greatest use. The turn meter gain can prove vital in situations where RNG is preventing TM removal on successive turns. Phasma needs high speed secondaries and Potency. When used on a team with others such as zVader, Jyn, Wiggs, etc. CLS can be used to not only solo the raid, but solo using the Auto option. CLS needs 4 Crit Dam mods with high speed secondaries, a Speed primary arrow, 2 Potency mods, a Crit Dam primary triangle, and a Potency primary cross for greatest use.

These characters are not set in stone and many others can be used to solo the Rancor.

swgoh tank raid solo auto

Including any of these characters, however, will greatly improve the effectiveness of your team and will often aid in Auto Soloing the raid. Sample Heroic Rancor Solo Teams. Commander Luke Skywalker is unique in that he can complete virtually almost any task within the game, including soloing the Heroic Pit Raid just by himself.It looks like you're new here.

If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! Home Discussions Best Of New player? Check out the new player index. Prev 1 2 Next Go. January 8, PM. I am a more experienced player but have been in a smaller guild for the past few years now I don't want to leave because we are all like familyand I really want to earn the gear and HS shards. Thats about it for the legendary characters. So using those characters, and any others you guys have to reccomend, what would be a good squad to at least get to Phase 4 on the Heroic Pit Raid.

Its a pretty decent size now but would like to grow it more! January 8, PM edited January Fast CLS can solo it. If you have a swgoh.

What is a good team (or outline of a team) to solo the Pit raid?

January 9, AM. Here is the swgoh. If only you had farmed Teebo a long time ago he's almost 'free' in the GW shop you would have been able to solo the raid for ages. Heroic Rancor raid is all about turnmeter reduction to prevent the Rancor from taking any turn at all.

Mod Phasma to be slow with high potency. Mod TFP to be slow with high crit chance. But yes, CLS can solo the whole thing. If your guild can't complete heroic Rancor raids, I would definately have chosen Vader's lead as my very first zeta. January 9, PM. Ok cool! I will farm Teebo and Zeta Vader, in a few months when I have everyone geared up, I will tell you all how it went.

Do you think I could solo or almost solo it with G11 characters?TAKES TIME likes a heavier track and a winner at first outing this prep, could upset. HIMALAYAN SALT faded to finish on the winners' heels last start at Rockhampton and won once this prep at Rockhampton four runs back, don't treat lightly.

GRINCH surprised punters to win at long odds at only start at Gold Coast, each-way claims.

C-3PO Breaks The Tank Raid! Full Auto Possible?

Blonde By Choice (2) 14. Vivi Granda (16) 11. Calisto (8) Hard to see anything beating the favourite. BRICKHALL just missed when heavily backed last start at Sunshine Coast and has placed in two attempts this campaign, big chance. BLONDE BY CHOICE drops in weight and is a strong finisher, place best. VIVI GRANDA drops 1. CALISTO narrowly beaten at long odds last start at Sunshine Coast and has two placings from four runs this prep, chance to place.

Jennifer Juniper (7) Scratched 4. Ragazzo Del Corsa (4) 6. JENNIFER JUNIPER chased well to fall just short last start at Ipswich when first up and capable of finising strongly, dangerous.

swgoh tank raid solo auto

RAGAZZO DEL CORSA back from 20 week spell and placed at last trial at this track, could upset. TYCOON TYKE placed last start at Sunshine Coast on a soft track when first up, don't treat lightly. Marseille En Fleur (10) Scratched 8. Social Vampire (5) 5. Omnia Marka Tayada (3) MARSEILLE EN FLEUR expected to settle on speed and has two placings from six runs this prep, a winning chance. SOCIAL VAMPIRE carries a lot less weight and won't be far away in the run, looks threatening.

CELLYSE made ground late to win last start at Sunshine Coast on a soft track and goes well at the track, cannot be ruled out. Arazona (3) Scratched 1. High Wind (5) 2. Angela's Beauty (13) ScratchedARAZONA has won at Sunshine Coast and placed once this prep, commands respect. HIGH WIND placed once this prep at Ipswich but faded to finish sixth last start at Ipswich, don't treat lightly. ANGELA'S BEAUTY placed when fresh and gets going late, the real danger in the race.

Almadram (1) Scratched 6. Wilkin (4) Doesn't appear much depth to this field. TATLER finished strongly to end up midfield last start at Gawler when resuming and has good early speed, has solid claims.

FULL HAAT SOLO Fast P1 \u0026 Full Auto P2-4! No Finn, No Fast Mods, No Problem! SWGOH

MUCKUP down in weight and capable of closing gamely, sneaky chance. ALMADRAM drawn ideally and has finished poorly in past runs, in with a chance. WILKIN short back-up of six days and disappointing last start at Mount Gambier, place only. Burnvale Lady (6) Scratched 3. Tiza (1) ScratchedDoesn't appear much depth to this field. BURNVALE LADY should race on the speed and may be caught late, perfectly placed. TATOI finished fifth at only start at Dunkeld, could threaten. DABAY first-up after 21 week spell, don't dismiss.

TIZA drawn ideally and carrying less weight, in with a chance. Sacred Monarch (1) Scratched 7. Iamthekey (7) Scratched 1. Cries of Joy (12) Looks a toss up between the top two selections.We take a look at the causes, symptoms, prevention and the latest research on treatments.

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swgoh tank raid solo auto

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